Salmo & Sapiens

the king of fish and the fish of kings

"Salmon fishing – a rather weird if harmless form of insanity." – Hugh Falkus
A documentary about the unseparable couple –  Salmon and Humans. A story about our long almost symbiotic common history, about the insanity of fishing for a fish that does not feed, and about how this cruel game of ours might be just what the Salmon needs to stop us from making it go instinct.

Endless Summer Nights

a Midsummer night's dream come true

A vacation outside the comfort zone for two friends rejoining on the top of the world. We meet people doing their own thing and enjoy the endless summer nights of the subarctic world. For Visit Sweden, Swedish Lapland and Visit Skelleftea. Runs in four separate parts in a social media campaign in the Benelux countries. (Language: English)

Bliss of the Unknown

Ski Touring in Northern norway and Sweden

Three days of incredible ski touring in northern Norway and Sweden, including the Spanstind, Nonstinden and Vassitjåkka summits. (Language: Swedish with English subtitles)

Springtime for the Råne River


The Råne River was a hair's breath away from being exploited for hydro power in 1986. Ten years earlier a government plea had suggested that the river would be dammed. Brave people saved it by taking action and instead it has lately proven to keep a particularly wild salmon stock that steadily grows in numbers. (Swedish version here)

Requiem For The Dams

Proof of concept/TEASER

A proof of concept for a documentary about our rivers and the way we use them and abuse them. How it happened that hydro electricity was once dubbed as green energy and largely has remained being called that, although it builds on the  misconception that renewable equals sustainable. It does not.

Kayaking in the Winter


Olaf moved to northern Sweden from Germany to be closer to nature and pursue his dream. One in a series of short docs boosting outdoor activities in the subarctic region where we live. The Clients run it in Social Medias and on their web channels from december 1st, 2017.

The River Dee

teachings from a salmon fishing legacy

This Short doc. was made to document a study visit to River Dee by a number of Swedish Rivers’ fish conservation staff to get inspired by the Salmon Fisheries Legacy in the heart of Scotland, the Aberdeenshire Dee.


Sweet Earth is a small production company run by filmmaker and journalist Johan Granstrand. Our speciality is to create strong stories with real people to inspire action for change. I have ten years of international experience as a photojournalist and writer prior to now working primarily with filmmaking. I have had a number of solo exhibitions and have published a couple of photo and reportage books and numerous articles and feature stories from the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe for various European magazines and newspapers. Coming from this background, I know how to thoroughly research your topic to find a strong story, the adequate character to carry it, how to visually transform it and how to craft a strong narrative to inspire action.

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