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We tell stories that matters to inspire action for change towards a more sustainable world.


Salmo & Sapiens

a new Documentary project about the king of fish and the fish of kings

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We Love Stories

Chances are you do to. If you are a human. We people are namely hardwired for stories. It's in our DNA. We love to share things with each others, and the format for that is usually.. stories. In one way ot another. Stories, real stories about real people like the short documentaries we make, more so than any other story, is a great way to make an impact and inspire action for change.

Endless summer Nights

exploring the great outdoor in swedish lapland

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Inspire Action for Change

We humans are bad pressed to make radical change in a wide range of areas or our species will soon see itself at the verge of extinction. While awareness of our ruthless demolition of many other species' functioning ecosystems is a good start, it makes very little to save them. Or us. We already know that we're digging our own grave, that's not stopping us from digging deeper. What we need is action. Action for imidiate change.
We need to impact decision makers, corporations and law makers as well as ordinary people. A very effective means of doing that is to change the narrative we tell. We constantly create the world around us with our stories. Cinematic storytelling is very a powerful tool to empower people, shift the common narrative little by little, and to finally to make an impact on decision makers and politicians to carry out that change that we need so badly.
You and I are the people who must make this happen. We cannot sit around and wait for someone else to do it.  We are the people we've been waiting for, so let's get started!

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We Believe in a Sustainable World

We believe in the possible. We believe in and we do not compromise with honesty. We believe that true stories told by real people make the most impact. Thus we have specialized in topics related to a sustainable living on this planet. We are open to collaborations with anyone that shares our believe in a sustainable living and on projects that moves us towards that goal. We believe in doing rather than talking - give us a call and let's get started!
We pledge 1% of sales each year to environmental protection.


Sweet Earth is a small production company run by documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and journalist Johan Granstrand. Our speciality is to create strong cinematic stories to inspire action for change. Johan has ten years of international experience as a photojournalist and writer prior to working  exclusively with filmmaking. He's had a number of solo exhibitions through out Europe and has published four photo and reportage books and numerous reportage and feature stories from the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe for various European magazines and newspapers. Having this background in journalism and documentary photography, he knows how to thoroughly research your topic to find a strong story, to find the right character to carry it and how to visually transform it into a strong cinematic narrative to inspire action.

Each year Sweet Earth organises a winter film festival in Skellefteå, in Northern Sweden, screening local and international films on a movie screen made out of the purest snow - The subarctic cinema.

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Johan Granstrand is a photojournalist, filmmaker, and writer. He has published four books, of which three are available in online versions here.

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