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We tell stories that matters to inspire action for change towards a more sustainable world.


Salmo & Sapiens

a new Documentary project about the king of fish and the fish of kings

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Our process - Always Story First

Research, Research, Research

First things first. We tell stories about topics we master. Everything worth having comes at a cost and finding the right approach and take on a subject comes from thorough research. That's the fundament for every story and there are no short cuts to this. We read, we listen and we watch. And we listen again.

Craft Narrative

From there on we start building the narrative. What's the story here? To tell a strong story comes before anything else. If a story pulls you in or not has nothing to do with chance. We have the process, experience and skills to repeatedly find who is the right character to carry the story and to model a plot that will keep your audience watching.

Cinematic Images

Then, and not until then, comes the creating of the imagery to tell that story. We try to keep equipment to a minimum, not to let the technique stand in the way of human relations. But we're tough on compromising quality so what we use is best of the trade cinema gear, 4K cinema cameras and drones when called for.

Endless summer Nights

exploring the great outdoor in swedish lapland

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Inspire Action for Change

Awareness is good. But action is far better. We have an environmental crisis at our hands and everyone (well almost) knows this, but far too few act on it. We believe that we all can lead the way by changing the way we live and consume, but also by changing the narrative we tell. We constantly create the world around us with our stories. Everyone of us. In our everyday lives and in every decision we make, as individuals and as companies. And we should make that change today rather than tomorrow. We must realise and live with the fact that WE are the people we have been waiting for. Us, not they. And all of us. Nobody else will do the necessary change for us. Cinematic storytelling is very a powerful tool to empower people and to make an impact on decision makers and politicians to carry out that change.

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We Believe in a Sustainable World

We believe in the possible. We believe in and we do not compromise with honesty. We believe that true stories told by real people make the most impact. Thus we have specialized in topics related to a sustainable living on this planet. We are open to collaborations with anyone that shares our believe in a sustainable living and on projects that moves us towards that goal. We believe in doing rather than talking - give us a call and let's get started!
We pledge 1% of sales each year to environmental protection.


Sweet Earth is a small production company run by documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and journalist Johan Granstrand. Our speciality is to create strong cinematic stories to inspire action for change. Johan has ten years of international experience as a photojournalist and writer prior to working  with filmmaking. He has had a number of solo exhibitions through out Europe and has published four photo and reportage books and numerous reportage and feature stories from the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe for various European magazines and newspapers. Having this background in journalism and documentary photography, he knows how to thoroughly research your topic to find a strong story, to make out the adequate character to carry it and how to visually transform it into a strong cinematic narrative to inspire action.

Each year Sweet Earth organises a winter film festival in Skellefteå, in Northern Sweden, screening local and international films on a movie screen made out of the purest snow - The subarctic cinema.

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Johan Granstrand is a photojournalist, filmmaker, and writer. He has published four books, of which three are available in online versions here.

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